Now, we are never alone—unless we choose to be, because we’re more than friends; we’re family!


We’re ‘there’ for one another during good times, hard times and all the in-between times.


We strive to understand one another’s thoughts and feelings, and, on those occasions when we can’t, were able to accept our differences.  We’re learning to value both our vital similarities and our rich diversity.  In this fellowship, we have no outcasts—no second-class citizens.  Love casts out fear and transcends our differences.


We help one another to solve problems and heal hurts; and, when there’s nothing that we can do to help, we listen and share hugs and tears.


Gladly, we join hands and hearts in growth, learning and in ministry to the needs of the world.


At CCM, we are all family—sisters and brothers, valued equals in the one marvelous family of God; and we’re taking baby steps toward beginning to experience what genuine fellowship is meant to be.


We are not alone.  Throughout our journey, God is around us and within us; and our valued extended family, the church, is beside us.  To us at CCM, that is fellowship at its best.  What a priceless gift!