John Whatley has been a minister of churches in South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama.  Trained as a psychotherapist and a theologian, he has taught both religion and psychology at the college/university and graduate seminary level.  Prior to his returning to Columbia to care for two sick parents, he was founder and executive director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation in Alabama.  John is a certified mediator/crisis interventionist and, as a pastor, has been deeply involved with those who have sought his assistance.  Taking the example of Jesus seriously, he believes that the primary emphasis of a church should be to build people rather than merely to erect buildings.  Although he is solidly anchored within the Judeo-Christian tradition, his orientation is open and progressive.  He holds bachelor and master’s degrees and received his doctorate from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Postdoctoral continuing education was taken at Duke, Vanderbilt, Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University in New York City.  John is a native South Carolinian, reared in Columbia, and is pleased to be the founding pastor/senior minister of the Community Church fellowship.  If you have needs, are interested in CCM membership or would just like to get acquainted, please feel free to contact him